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The Need For Lightweight Software - September 28, 2021

Software today is a power-hungry monster. Whether running on a web browser, or locally on your devices, most applications are coded without any thoughts about the amount of CPU or memory needed, and how much battery they drain while requiring more and more resources.

Mobility has enabled people to work anywhere, at any time. And while devices are getting very powerful, batteries are still not all they could be. Factor in that access to electricity sometimes is not as easy as you might think, and you are left with a dead device.

This is why I think that focusing on simple tools, taking the time to make sure they use the most minimal amount of system resources possible, and being able to be used offline is the best way to go. This is why I wrote Auer Notes the way I wrote it.

Auer Notes

Beyond the need for a simple and private note taking application, I found myself working in remote areas where sometimes it was hard to access electricity and charge my laptop, or, the internet. So, I designed Auer to really be as lightweight and easy on resources as possible. It is also a standalone application, without any need to connect to the internet in order to work.

While I’m still trying to make it even nimbler in terms of resource usage, as it is right now, it is pretty damn nimble.

Keep an eye on the news, I'm working on things...

Auer Notes is the simplest way to take notes.


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