Auer Notes

A plain text and private notes app


Auer Notes is a note-taking application designed to be fast, easy to use, and stay out of the way until you need it.

Auer Notes is now open source

You can get the source code in GitHub, released under the MIT License.

Auer Notes

Simple and clear, Auer Notes is intentional, focusing on less, instead of more. It does one thing, the simplest possible way.


Auer Tasks Urgent

Local Data

Your data is stored locally and it's always available, even when you are offline. There is no cloud or vendor preventing you from accessing your data. If you need your data synchronized, you can choose any service of your preference.

Auer Notes

Simple and Quiet

Auer Notes has a modern and minimalist user interface designed to be simple. It is aggressively mute on purpose. The application was built to be lightweight, and to utilize less device resources. Learn more about the philosophy behind Auer Notes.

iOS Notes Simplified

Following the same philosophy and minimalist user interface, Auer Notes for iOS gives you a fast and simple way of taking notes on the go.

Auer Notes iOS

Available for download in the App Store, the iOS app will soon allow you choose any service you'd like to sync and backup your notes.

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Auer Notes is the simplest way to take notes.


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