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In short, without legalese: if you chose to download and run Auer Notes, which, is provided “as is”, you accept the risks. I am not responsible for any loss of data, crash of the system, or whatever problem running this application may bring.

If you don’t agree to this, do not download it.

Available Downloads

New 07 May 2023 (Changelog)

Version 1.0.4β - Beta. For macOS Ventura (13.1) and newer.
Download Version 1.0.4β

This is the first beta version. With a changed interface and most of the features that will make the final version.

I am actively working to modify part of the code and use Apple's new SwiftUI controls. Version 1.1 will arrive soon.

Known issues:

New 27 October 2022 (Changelog)

Version 0.9 - Alpha. For macOS Monterey and newer.
Download Version 0.9 (R1)

This is an early alpha version for macOS Monterey only, it will not work on Big Sur. It still doesn’t have all the features but it has several performance tweaks, and better focus on note switching.

Known issues:

Auer Notes is the simplest way to take notes.

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